About YP Lebanon

YP Lebanon has organized several events throughout the years such as art exhibitions, interactive lectures, movie premiere events and casual get-togethers. The mission of the group is to support the educational, cultural and social life of the Lebanese Armenian community and to promote Armenian culture and heritage within Lebanon.

YP Lebanon

Also, YP Lebanon plans to arrange events with other YP networks in the future, to gather Armenians from different countries in order to share their knowledge and ideas with one another, and help improve Armenian communities around the world. We are also actively working to expand our database to reach more people; recently, database currently has 1,200 people who have all attended our events.

As part of a growing professional organization, there are future programs being established to give more opportunities to the YPs to give back to its community and create an exciting environment for future professionals.

Current Steering Committee members are:

Gerard Arabian
Vanessa Arabian
Sarine Arakelian
Hovig Boyrazian
Sara Guerbidjian
Meghry Kalaydjian
Sarine Karajerjian
Natacha Keuchguerian
Hagop Kevorkian
Ramela Maljian
Diran Manouchakian
Haig Yessayan

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